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Basic RTR/Fondant  Round Class  $150 

Limited Spots Available 

  • Basic knowledge of decorating tools and equipment 

  • Learn to properly set up your round cake for masking with butter cream 

  • Learn how to cover your cake and board in fondant and create sharp edges 

  • Learn the technique of brining your imagination to reality  

  • This is a 3 hour class and is aimed at introducing you to the art of RTR work 

Intermediate RTR/Fondant  Class Ham Bag or Brief case    $250 

Limited Spots Available 

  • Learn to Cut/shape And Fill Your Sponge  

  • Learn to seat your layers and ruff ice 

  • Learn to cover difficult shape cake  

  • Basic Knowledge of texturing and coloring 

  • This is a 5 hour class And is aimed at people that have already bean threw Basic RTR Training   

Basic Round  Butter Cream Decorating Class $100 

Limited Spots Available 

  • Learn to cut and fill and seat your cake 

  • Learn to cover and Smooth or Texture the base of your cake  

  • Basic Knowledge on How to prepare your piping bag  

  • Learn basic Piping Skill to Decorate With 

  • Learn to finish Cake off 

  • This is a 2 hour class And is aimed at people that want that old fashioned look   


Cup Cake Class $80 

  • Basic Knowledge on Piped cup cake Design

  • Basic Knowledge on Plaiting cup cake Design  

  • Basic Knowledge on RTR Cover of cup cake  

  • This is a 3 hour class And is aimed  Basic cup cake Decoration And a good kids Birthday party